Exterior of a red chicken house

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Porter blew new insulation in the attics of all 6 of my houses and I was well pleased with the professional way they dropped their trailers, didn’t waste time and cleaned up. Ine difference between my gas usage and other growers in my complex is simply amazing. In my opinion, it is much more important to make sure you seal our ceilings than it is to add all of the new bells and whistles on the market.
– Larry Page of Kenton, Tennessee
Porter came in and did a complete Energy Retrofit on all of my houses. They re-blew my ceilings, insulated my sidewalls and strapped down my curtains from the outside. The difference was astounding. I saved over 40% on propane alone and paid for the entire job in just 2 batches of chickens.
– Johnny Wright of Winder, Georgia
I had Porter enclose my sidewalls with fiberglass rolls, OSB and Tri-ply. The first thing I noticed was much better air flow and air speed throughout the houses. My static pressure improved dramatically as did my power and gas usage. The new insulation also dramatically improved my moisture problems which is evidenced by my floors being dry now. The insulation helps in so many ways more than just saving gas.
– Dennis Maze of Horton, Alabama
I used Porter to insulate my side-walls in my older houses and paid for the entire job in only 3 batches of chckens. The houses are much easier to heat and cool now. I also love the way that the slick sidewalls make the air flow easier and increase the wind speed. I could not imagine how much money I would have spent this past Winter if I had not enclosed the sides.
– Darrell Chaisson of Arcade, Georgia
Before Porter added the new insulation in my attics, I had hot and cold spots throughout my houses. The houses now heat and cool evenly. I typically save at least 200 gallons of gas per flock and the houses are a lot cooler in the Summer.
– Joe Sims of Temple, Georgia
I had Porter blow additional insulation in the attics of all 7 of my houses. I originally only wanted them to blow the 3 worst houses, but I immediately noticed that there was a 12 degree difference in the first day after Porter had blown the new insulation. I called Brantley and told him that I could not afford not to re-blow the other houses.
– Stanley Pullen of Bowden, Georgia
I saved 30% on propane in addition to my Summer savings. I also went from the 50th percentile of growers to the Top 15 per cent in just 1 year after retrofitting my houses.
– Steve Miller of Lexington, South Carolina
I saved over $10.000 in the first year after enclosing my sidewalls with fiberglass and OSB. It took me a year and a half to get my money back. I ally durable house than the foam would have provided.
– Greg Almond of Woodland, Alabama