Building Products

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Coated Wire

We stock both North American and Asian 20 gauge Coated Wire.

Note: We do not recommend nor stand behind the Asian wire. The North American wire is of superior quality to the Asian. We only carry the Asian wire because a portion of the market is price driven but we do NOT guarantee its quality.

Available in the following widths:
12″ – 30″ – 36″ – 48″ – 60″ – 72″
Available length:

Roof Vents

Our Metal Roof Vents come 48″ long by 24″ wide. They are pre-assembled so that there is no lost work time on the job.

4′ Roof Vents

Track, Trolley & Accessories

We carry a full line of track, trolley & accessories for your sliding doors.

Our inventory includes:
Track in both 10′ and 12′ lengths.
6½” and 9½” Trolley
Track Cover Bracket
7″ Jamb Latch
Adjustable Stay Roller
White Door Handle
Splice Collar
Track End Plug

Wall Poly

We carry Black 4 mil Wall Poly. The rolls come in 8′ wide x 100′ long and are individually boxed.