porter_picDwight Porter founded the company in 1965 with the help of lifelong employees Bruce Kinney, Junior Hopkins and Bob Randolph.  The company specialized in poultry and residential insulation services until 1975 when Dwight's oldest son Keith bought the residential insulation side of the company that is today known as Keith Porter Insulation.  In 1976, Dwight's middle son Don Porter became a partner in the company and remained until 1980 when he formed Porter Truss Company which specializes in poultry houses.  Frankie Bray became a partner in the business in 1986 and helped build the company until his retirement in 2002.  Dwight also brought on Mike Thurmond in 1986 to run the installing crews.  Mike has remained in the company his entire lifetime and is still a vital part of the business today.  


Camille Auburn visit 2015 IMG_2177Brantley Porter started with the company in 1990 after graduating from Presbyterian College with a degree in Business Administration.  He has been sole owner of the company since 2002 and has overseen the transformation of the business from a regional installing company to the industry leader in the wholesaling of poultry house building materials.  During Brantley's tenure, Chuck Herbert has been by his side and been a integral part of the company's success by going above and beyond in catering to customer's needs.  Chuck and Brantley have had unbelievable help building the company's reputation for great customer service from Willis Armstrong, Jan Elrod, Tina Corbin, Tonya Crumley and Amy Cole over the years. 



Porter Insulation celebrated the 50th year in business in 2015 and looks forward to the next 50.  Over these years, there are 3 principles that have never changed:

1.  HONESTY.  Always tell the truth to your customers, employees and suppliers.  Pay your bills 7 days before they are due.

2.  SHARE.  Treat your employees as you would want to be treated.  Share the profits.  Make the company's success their success.

3.  WORK HARD.  Go above and beyond for the customer.  Out work your competition.  Make your customer's life as easy as possible while saving them as much money as you can.



Bruce Kinney
Lifelong Crew Chief
Retired 40+ years

Frankie Bray, Bob Randolph,
Junior Hopkins & Dwight Porter
Retired Founders of the Company

Junior Hopkins
Lifelong Crew Chief
Retired 40+ years

Dwight, Jeff Ekard & Keith Porter
Breaking ground expansion in 80's

Frankie Bray
Former owner
1985 - 2002

Mike Thurmond
Lifelong Crew Chief
29 years

Dwight Porter & Dean Buckley
Certainteed Rep & family friend

Chuck Herbert
Customer Service
19 years

Brantley Porter, Jan Elrod,
Willis Armstrong & Chuck Herbert

Bob Randolph
Lifelong Crew Chief
Retired 40+ years

Henry Christian
Crew Chief
Retired 25 years

Tina Corbin, Robert Bolton,
Mike Thurmond & Ernie Pruett

Jan Elrod
25 years

Willis Armstrong, Tina Corbin and
Chuck Herbert at the Poultry Show

Sammy Usher
Lifelong Crew Chief
Retired 30 years

Brenda Dooley
Bookeeper during
the early years

Amy Cole
Customer Service
6 years

Jack Carter
4 years

Tonya Crumley
Customer Service
7 years

Willis Armstrong
Outside Sales
22 years

Gina Bragg
Customer Service
1 year

Tina Corbin and Gina Bragg

Brantley, Tradd and Kelli Porter

Chuck and Melissa Herbert at NICE meeting