Entrance Doors, Tunnel Doors, Sliding Doors & other panels

Entrance Doors

We keep hundreds of high quality aluminum doors and windows in stock in the following sizes:
16″ x 66″ (Cool Cell Entrance Door)
36″ x 63″
36″ x 69″
36″ x 72″
36″ x 80″
48″ x 66″
48″ x 72″
48″ x 80″
10″ x 10″ Diamond Window
20″ x 24″ Rectangle Window


• Superior air mixing
• Eliminates dead air spaces or “hot spots”
• Skin on the inside of the door can be black to aid in room darkening
• Material and labor cost savings by eliminating the dog house
• Polyurethane foam injected panels are available with an R-7 or R-11 insulation value
• Very easy to operate
• Quick and easy to install
• Wide range of custom sizes
• Offers added energy cost savings and durability

Tunnel Door Smoke Test video


* 2.5 lb. density polyurethane foam
* .090 extruded aluminum frame
* .019 smooth inner and outer skin available in flat black or white
* 1-1/8″ epdm rubber P-seal
* Aluminum extruded 1/8″ wall hinge with a stainless 1/4″ pin
* Snap-on H-Channel meeting rail
* Internal wood blocking for winching brackets

Tunnel Door Installation Instructions


Our sliding door system integrates our Entrance Door attributes with our Track & Trolley system.
It eliminates the labor involved with building the old style doors of the past.
They also eliminate warping and create a tight air seal to tighten your house.


* 2″ x 4″ head and sill
* 2″ x 6″ jamb
* 4″ x 4″ metal truss plates at corners
* 1-1/2″ neopor foam (graphite impregnated)
* .045 FRP (fiberglass) sheeting inner and outer
* PUR hot melt adhesive
* .060 wall aluminum extruded frame

Sliding Door Installation Instructions


Replace old warped plywood attic covers with our new insulated Attic Access Doors
• Insulated polystyrene core that helps you save on fuel
• Durable fiberglass skin, with aluminum frame
• Easy installation, sleek design & clean look
• Can be opened in the winter to allow warm air to enter the attic and melt roof top snow


Our Insulated Fan Cover Panels are a great way to reduce heating cost.

They are used during the Winter to seal the fans.

Growers in the Northeast have had experienced very good Return on Investment.


Our custom built Free Range Doors are used in the Organic Poultry markets.

They are insulated and made out of the same high quality materials as the rest of our doors.